Food and Drinks

In Spain it is customary for centuries to consume tapas together with a glass of wine or beer. Originally the tapas were served as ‘caps’ with the drinks, this to prevent anything would fall into the glass. Present day there is a variety of over 1000 different tapas, which can be enjoyed as a snack or can be served as an evening meal.

However the idea of tapas always remained the same: simple small dishes made with fresh ingredients.
Tia Rosa serves traditional tapas prepared from fish, meat and vegetables. Besides a regular tapas menu, the chef prepares a special menu de la semana (menu of the week). Also our kitchen is very willing to serve our guests a surprise collection of tapas. All this with the freshest products!
Tia Rosa also has a large selection of Spanish wines and cava’s. The wines we serve are in different price ranges, so there is something for everyone, whether you are a experienced or a enthusiastic novice wine taster.
All our wines come from the famous Torres winery. We serve different wines by the glass and bottle, ranging from €18,50 to €44,00 per bottle.